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Marta – Tattooist

Marta has had many years working as a tattoo artist, starting as a teenager in Barcelona and having worked her way around the world in a career spanning over 10 years. She is strongly influenced by blackwork, mandala’s & geometric patterns. Her particular style can be described as a combination of traditional and dotwork. Her favourite tattoos would also include Japanese Neo-Traditional. Apart from tattooing, Marta´s interest include classical music, having studied and played piano for over 17 years. Her artistic inspiration includes Thomas Hooper, Erik Satie, and Frida Kahlo, among others.

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Maria – Tattooist

Maria originates from a family of artists based in Barcelona, where she developed her artistic talents by studying graphic design, illustration and fashion design at university. She is also a keen amateur photographer. Her enthusiasm for tattooing has grown over the years and by taking a tattoo apprenticeship at RedINC, she hopes to find new ways to express her art and feed her hunger for new challenges. Maria is also a certified body piercer and is capable of performing all piercings.

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Artur – Tattooist

Artur has been tattooing for over 20 years, although he specialises in black & grey realism he is also accomplished in other styles. Originally from Poland, Artur has tattooed in studios all over the world.

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Yuri – Tattoo Apprentice

Yuri is just 19 years old & already mastering amazing fine art designs on paper and will soon be offering this style work on skin. Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, he is currently studying at University of Bedfordshire in Luton. He is very passionate about realistic art and wants to incorporate this style in his tattooing with creativity as well in my designs. He is also able to offer portrait drawings using oils or graphite.

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Georgia – Piercer & Hand Poke Tattoo Apprentice

Georgia has completed a body piercing training course at RedINC, she has a passion for all body modifications & would like to eventually offer more extreme treatments such as scarification. She has already started to train in lobe reconstruction by a renowned cosmetic surgeon & just taken on a handpoked tattoo apprenticeship.

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Deri – Piercer, Artist & Manager

Deri is the head piercer, tattoo removal technician & receptionist at RedINC. The team of artists keep her really busy and are great fun to work with. Deri has been body piercing since 1997 when body piercing was just becoming popular, she has completed over 10,000 piercings during that time. In 2000 she completed an advanced piercing course at Metal Morphosis & has also gained the Spanish piercing certificate as she spent 8 years in Spain as a piercer. Deri is also a fantastic portrait artist and spends her spare time painting and drawing.

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Unity – Piercer

Unity joined the team at RedINC in 2016 and has already proven herself an accomplished body piercer. Coming from a family who are all covered in tattoos and piercings she has always had a fascination with body modification and has wanted to work in the industry from an early age.
Her other interests include drawing, beauty and fashion as she is a mother to a beautiful little girl and it’s something they both love doing together. She hopes to inspire other young mums and shares creative make up tips and fashion ideas online, gaining her over 40 thousand followers on Instagram. She has also been booked to shoot with Suicide Girls.

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Asa – Operations Director

Asa is the backbone of the RedINC team and has been with company from inception. He began at 16 as a Saturday boy in our first shop and has worked his way up to Operations Director & Laser Technician. He’s a trained chef with a passion for cars and you will often find him down the farmer’s market.