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About Us

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We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all policy. All of our tattooists can produce custom designs and drawings tailored to your specific wishes and our body piercers can pierce almost anywhere you wish!

Everyone is an individual and should have tattoos customised around their style and in line with their current work

Our tattooists have specialised in a particular area post apprenticeships, but still retain the skills of an all round approach, they have honed their skills in the area they excel in the most, be it portraits, traditional, script, old skool or colour work.

Like anything tattoo requests change with fashion, you can date a tattoo by its style, be it celtic or chinese symbolling. However, now we are seeing a much more discerning customer, who doesn’t want random isolated tattoos, many are working towards full sleeves and complimentary work. Our clients know what they want and no longer except inferior workmanship.

The explosion in new tattoo studios has forced much higher the skill levels of tattooist and the choice for the customer. The tattoo industry had formerly the reputation of being for sailors and ex cons. That opinion has been completely obliterated by celebrity tattoos and the desire of fine art graduates to come into the industry.


We are committed to producing the highest quality designs, you can feel confident that our tattooists will never rush through your tattoo. They will hand draw a stencil and check that you are completely happy with how it looks on your skin before embarking on the laying of pigment.

All tattoos will be hand drawn and only finalised when you are happy

Like every aspect of the techno world we live in, the tattoo industry is no different, there has been more investment in the creation of the perfect machine. Finely tuned machines which are virtually silent eliminate shaky or imprecise lines. Inks are developed to the standard of makeup pigment to retain the vibrancy of colour in years to come, no more the faded green tattoo of our fathers. Colours remain as they were originally meant to be not fusing into a mass of sludgy colours.

All our body piercers are highly trained and perform all piercings to highest standards by using the very best body piercing metal titanium ahead of much cheaper alternative such as surgical steel.


Hygiene is our most important value, all of our staff are trained to ensure all services are performed in a way that will eliminate infection at source. Details of how to keep your piercing or tattoo clean and free of infection is a vital part of the process.

All new studios like ours are subject to legislation to use bench top autoclaves, which are capable or sterilising implements that have hollow cavities like tattooist tubes.

You won’t find a more hygienic studio!

We have a very stringent standard that has to be adhered to by both body piercers and tattooists alike. All non disposable tools are treated in the same way a surgeon would sterilise his instruments for an operation.

Tools are thoroughly cleaned and then put through the ultrasonic cleaner, prior to the insertion into a sealed sterilisation pouch which has colour change bars to show that it is fully sterilised. The first job given to new apprentices is to learn the very detailed sterilisation process. Tattooists stations are cleaned regularly and all jewellery and tools are sterilised.

Customer Care

We strive to meet all your needs before, during and after your treatment. This includes FREE touch ups and FREE jewellery changes, not to mention you can call us anytime for advice! Our advanced booking system allows us to allocate the specific tattooist who is most suitable to meet your needs. Tattoo time is allocated, we all live in a busy world and we do not expect you to arrive and we are not ready for you.

FREE Consultations and FREE advice. Even more we aim to answer any social network queries within 24hours

Most of our tattooists have worked with us for a long time so once you start work with one of our team they will be here to complete the work! We do not charge for consultation time and see this time as invaluable for both the tattooist and the customer to be completely comfortable with the design they want and what is realistically achievable.

Our piercers have instilled in them same customer focus, some piercings are intimate and require a high degree of privacy, we have private piercing rooms to allow you to feel completely comfortable with your piercer. You will feel safe in the knowledge that he/she has been fully trained with our very high standards.