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Ear Piercings
Lobes – Caflon Gun from £6.50
Lobes – 9ct Gold Gun £21.50
Cartillage £13.00
Tragus £25.00
Anti-Tragus £25.00
Rook £25.00
Helix £25.00
Conch £25.00
Snug £25.00
Diath £25.00
Industrial/Scaffold £35.00
Body Piercings
Navel/Belly Button £25.00
1x Nipple £25.00
2x Nipple £45.00
Surface £30.00
Skin Diver £30.00
Hood £30.00
Christina £30.00
Nape £30.00
Dermal Anchor £35.00
Prince Albert £40.00
Hips £55.00
Facial Piercings
Nose – Studex Gun £11.50
Nose – Needle £16.50
Eyebrow £25.00
Sideburn £30.00
Tongue £30.00
Lip £30.00
Smiley £30.00
Earl/Bridge £40.00
Septum £40.00
Venoms £55.00
Snakebites £55.00

All our piercers are trained to the highest standards and have many years experience. We only pierce with surgical grade titanium that is manufactured in the UK. Aftercare solution is included in the price quoted above. We can offer pretty much any piercing so if you don’t see it on the list drop us a message and we will let you know if it is possible and the price.


*Prices may vary with some of our artists. We may offer a discount for larger tattoos.

Deposits are required for ALL tattoo appointments and are non-refundable under ANY circumstances. Free touch-ups are available in the first 3 months. Touch-ups on hand tattoos are available in the first month only.

Deposits are charged at the following rates.
£20 per hour booked
£50 for 4 hour booking (half day)
£100 for 8 hour booking (full day)

If you have been advised to pay a deposit by PayPal please click the link to make payment.

Minimum Charge £50.00
Hourly Rate £80.00*
Bepanthen £3.00
Tattoo Removal
All session prices are based on 1 square inch of ink. The number of sessions needed is dependent on the age of the tattoo and type of ink used. Most tattoos are removed within 8 – 16 sessions.

If you only want to lighten the tattoo so that you can have a cover-up, you may only need 2-4 sessions. The laser is only possible for light skin types, dark asian or black skin isn’t suitable due to pigmentation issues.

Single Session £35.00
5 sessions bought up front £150.00
10 sessions bought up front £250.00