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Maria – Tattooist

Maria originates from a family of artists based in Barcelona, where she developed her artistic talents by studying graphic design, illustration and fashion design at university. She has a passion for colourful neo-traditional work whilst also enjoys blackwork & ornamental pieces. Her enthusiasm for tattooing has grown over the years & is now a senior artist at RedINC. She hopes to find new ways to express her art and feed her hunger for new challenges.

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Dan – Tattooist

info about Dan to follow

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Jamie – Tattooist

Jamie used to work as a P.E. teacher however always had a huge passion for art. Jamie has been tattooing since 2012, he specialises in black & grey. He favourite things to tattoo are animals & roses in a chicano style.

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Edyta – Brow Blading & Tattoo Apprentice

Edyta prodominantly works at our sister company RedLITE as a beauty therapist, however with her amazing artwork and skill as a brow blading therapist has started to do an apprenticeship in tattooing too. Her style tends to be delicate, ornate & highly detailed.

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Leonie – Piercer, Artist & Manager

Leonie doesn’t firstly consider herself a body piercer but more of a body decorator. She has had most piercings herself to full understand the process, healing time and options available for them. Her knowledge on the health & hygiene of piercings is second to none with her previous experience working in laboratories.

Stephanie – Piercer

Stephanie is the newest member of the team, recently completing her training in body piercing under the tutelage of our manager Deri.

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